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We put your needs at the center or “Hub” of our extensive network of people, resources and expertise to find you a quick and personalized solution to your needs.

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Why We Are In Business

The most important thing to know about us is “why” we are in business. We believe in the following:

  • the dignity and value of each individual
  • your right to exercise the many freedoms available in this country responsibly
  • your right to own a home if you have the means and the determination
  • government, financial and banking institutions have let down our country and the individual homeowner by initially contributing to the housing and financial crisis, and subsequently by their weak and tepid response to solving it
  • the solution to this financial crisis will come from the ingenuity, creativity and responsibility of the individual and the business entrepreneur
  • it is the collective power of the individual and not our institutions that will lead our country back
  • first chances are for those with the desire, hunger and determination to succeed in their desire for home ownership
  • second chances are for those affected by the housing market, many through no fault of their own
  •  individuals can grow and change, and thus deserve the opportunity to start fresh and re-invent themselves

How We Serve You

We are in business to serve the homeowner impacted by this crisis by:

  • providing a solution that enables a fresh start and “second chance” for distressed homeowners
  • offering a chance at a new start for first time homeowners
  • facilitating the placement and use of private capital by other individuals and entrepreneurs who also believe that their work will be the foundation of the restoration of real estate market in our communities

Done right, our business serves the homeowner in need, helps the home buyer achieve the American Dream, restores our communities by enabling the refurbishing of real estate assets, enables our associates to earn a living and improve their quality of life, and provides a financial return to our investors not offered or available through our financial institutions.

We welcome the chance to serve you.


Mark Kapsky - Real Estate Investor in Chatham, NJ

“We turn distressed homeowner situations into stress-free solutions.”

~ Mark Kapsky

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